ERÖZÜ Architectural Office was founded in 1970, Master. Eng. It was founded by architect Metin ERÖZÜ.

ERÖZÜ Architecture, which started life with TALYA Hotel, the first 5-star hotel of Antalya, continues the tradition of the German architecture school, where Metin ERÖZÜ and then Cem ERÖZÜ gathered their professional experiences.

ERÖZÜ Architecture follows a line that prioritizes ecological and energy saving, and designs rationalist, user-friendly and functionally qualified buildings. In addition, solutions that are compatible with the immediate surroundings and that will impose the least burden on city life are aimed at the city scale.

While reflecting the features required by contemporary architecture in its designs, it attaches great importance to the commissioning of the building within the framework of the foreseen budget, with its team that can provide project services from the first design stage to the end of the construction process.

As a working principle, ERÖZÜ Architecture design team always pays attention to the participation of the future users of the building in the design processes, thus taking the functionality of the building to the highest level.

ERÖZÜ Architecture, whose area of expertise is Industrial Buildings, Touristic Investments, Educational Buildings, Shopping Centers and automobile exhibition and service buildings, especially BMW and Mercedes brands, is the owner of various awards in these areas.