Yük. Mimar Cem O. ERÖZÜ


Cem Okan ERÖZÜ was born on 14.11.1963 in Nuremberg, Germany.

During his education at Istanbul Boys' High School between 1975 and 1982, he also studied Flute and Ancient Music at Istanbul Municipal Conservatory.

In 1982, I.T.U. He entered the Faculty of Architecture, graduated with the first degree in 1986, and completed his master's degree at the same faculty in 1989 with a thesis themed "Bosphorus Image and Protection".

During his PhD thesis on “Musical Relationships in the Architecture” at the Vienna Technical University, he worked with Prof. Martin KUBELİK, Prof. Dr. Paul NAREDI-RAINER and Prof. Dr. Georg LEHNER. With Prof. Dr. Werner SCHULZE he founded “The International Harmonious Centre” at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Besides, he could also expand his knowledge in various architectural offices, e.g. architectural office KLINGER, architectural office NIELSEN and architectural office CZERNIN.

After five years in Vienna, he returned to Turkey and started to work in the architectural office ERÖZÜ as a designer architect. In his professional life, Cem ERÖZÜ also spent 15 years teaching “Design, Basic Design and Technical Drawing” at the Faculty of Architecture of Istanbul Technical University.

He has given numerous lectures and seminars in Turkey and abroad.

While working at ERÖZÜ ARCHITEKTEN, he has carried out projects in many domestic and international tenders and won prizes.

Cem ERÖZÜ has 2 children and speaks fluently German and English.